Yidindji Connection


We first met Bumi (Senior Elder) and Murrumu of the Yidindji Government in early 2022. We were skeptical at first about the legitimacy of their work and the authenticity of its Government. However, after the initial feeling subsided, we were moved greatly by the transparency and humility we were witnessing. The First Miracle: Relevant documents were approved and signed by all the Senior Tribal Elders in the Yidindji territory. Second Miracle: Relevant documents were signed by the Australian Government and Supreme Court in recognizing the Yidindji Government as legitimate and true owners/custodians of their lands (though NOT officially declared by the Australian Government, as yet). Third and final Miracle of that day: The Yidindji Government is recognized by the E.U., the U.N. and the International Security Council as a legitimate Government. 

The Yidindji Government has approx. 36 Police Officers (see a few of them below), 21 Government Ministers, and over 200 citizens and growing…

The Yidindji Government is also the first Country to create and own their unique private Blockchain and Currency called the SYD (Sovereign Yidindji Dollar). Below is also an impression of their self-Sovereign Identity-based National ID system (For more information about the Yidindji and the ID app)

In 2012, Murrumu (Jeremy Geia in his past-life) became the first western journalist to obtain an interview with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Recently, we caught up with Murrumu (the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade) for a chat. Below is a short video of his views and insights moving forward. Enjoy…

Below are more videos connecting us with the Yidindji Nation. Please review thoroughly so you can make an informed decision moving forward. This path may not be for you, but it is a path we know will work…Enjoy! 

It is our intention to make the Yidindji Nation great in all areas of Commerce, Finance, the Arts, Architecture and Design, Technology & A.I., Defense, Energy Development, Health & the Healing Arts, as well as Education. Although this seems so far fetched and idealistic at this time, it is our goal for the near future. Join the Yidindji Nation in this exciting journey as we endeavor to create a new World for ourselves and generations to come. If we can see it, and believe it, then I can’t see why we cannot do it!